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Your Heart is Safe in our hands

Heart transplantation is the process of replacing the diseased heart with a healthy heart from a suitable donor. This procedure is done on patients with end stage heart disease or other dangerous heart conditions. The heart transplantation can improve the life span of a person. The implantation of healthy heart in place of less working heart will help the patient to lead a normal life.

The most common conditions that damage the heart and result in heart transplantation are coronary artery disease and idiopathic cardiomyopathy. Heart transplantation is an inevitable procedure when the hearts can no longer pump well enough to supply blood with oxygen and nutrients to the organs of the body. Sometimes, the problem may also be associated with the bad “electrical conduction system of the heart which determines the rate, rhythm and sequence of contraction of heart muscle. 

Benefits of the Heart Transplantation

  • The quality of life can be improved 
  • Longer life 
  • General improvement in health 

Heart Transplant procedure

This surgery is an inpatient produce. General anesthesia is administered and the patient will receive medicine through intravenous line in the arm. A breathing tube, connected to a ventilator will help the patient to breathe. The surgeon opens the chest and connects the heart arteries and veins to a heart-lung bypass machine and remove the diseased heart. The arteries and veins will be taken off the bypass machine and reconnected to the healthy donor heart. The transplant is complete after the surgeon closes the chest. 

Artificial Heart Transplantation

This is the method of replacing the diseased heart with an artificial one. An artificial heart mimics the heart muscle contractions and consists of sensors that helps in blood flow. Artificial Heart Transplantation is carried out if normal heart transplantation is impossible. This method is also used to bridge the time of heart transplantation. 

Dr. Kuldeep Chulliparambil is a reputed doctor and he gives patients his undivided attention. He has treated several patients suffering from heart disease and gives every patient the best medical care. He has the credit of performing more than ten thousand surgeries; most of them are bypass surgeries. Dr Kuldeep is one of the best cardiac surgeons in Kochi, Kerala who can successfully perform heart transplantation.

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