Thursday, 1 June 2017

Keyhole Valve Surgery – simplifying heart surgery

The recent decade has seen an increase in the number of people affected by heart disorders in the world and more particularly in India. Heart surgery and associated terms have gained household familiarity, yet the chill and anxiety that are coupled with them has not changed.
A diagnosis of heart condition and the subsequent instruction for heart surgery is often considered with fear and dread by most today. With the advent of the latest technique of keyhole valve surgery, things are on a change for the better. Keyhole valve surgery is new procedure in Kerala, aimed at simplifying heart surgery procedures.
Traditional heart surgery requires incisions through the middle of the chest and the breast bone. These increase the complexity of the surgery as well as the healing period and return to the normal life activities. Keyhole valve surgery eliminates such risks posed by conventional surgery mainly because of the minimally invasive nature of the procedure involved.

Keyhole valve surgery procedure
The procedure of keyhole valve surgery is performed with the help of small surgical instruments inserted through keyhole incisions made at the site of surgery. The tiny camera attached to the instruments helps in transmitting the images into a monitor attached with the surgery equipments. The surgeon performs the procedure by manipulating the instruments by viewing the internal area through the monitor.
The major benefits of keyhole valve surgery are as follows: -
  • Less complicated and faster recovery
  • Enables getting back to normal work as soon as by 5 days
  • Smaller incisions and thus faster healing
  • Lesser scars than conventional heart surgery
  • No broken bones or scarred tissues.
  • Does not affect adjoining organs or tissues
Scope of keyhole valve surgery
Keyhole valve surgery is currently used in correcting the following irregularities: -
  • Irregularities or disorders in the heart valves
  • Atrial Fibrillation causing irregular heart rhythms
  • Mitral valve replacement or repair
  • For treating hole in the heart
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