Sunday, 5 March 2017

Keyhole Heart Surgery In Kerala

Keyhole heart surgery a relatively new procedure when compared to the traditional techniques of heart surgery. Keyhole or minimally invasive surgery avoids making an incision of a minimum of 8 to 12 inches to get the right access to the heart.

How is Keyhole Heart Surgery Performed?

This surgery is performed using the most sophisticated and advanced technology. This allows the surgeon to perform the procedure easily, making use of small surgical instruments. The surgeon is able to monitor every move on a video screen. This is possible as live pictures are being broadcast to the screen from a tiny digital camera, which is inserted through the side of the chest.

Keyhole surgery is carried out through a smaller incision between the ribs, which means less surrounding tissue damage often with no broken bone. This, in turn, can lead to faster recovery. The surgeon then inserts specially designed instruments, along with tiny cameras which allow them to see the heart and blood vessels on a screen.

What is the Difference between Traditional Heart Surgery and Keyhole Heart Surgery?

Heart Surgery is done through a deep cut down to the middle of the chest, which includes a full cut through the breastbone. This procedure is complicated and also, it can take 12 weeks or more before the wound is completely healed. This can cause a delay in returning to normal activities.

What are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery?
  • A smaller wound means less surrounding tissue damage which in turn contributes to quicker recovery.
  • Less pain after the procedure.
  • Early return to normal activities such as work and hobbies.
  • A smaller incision usually gives a better cosmetic outcome.

Dr. Kuldeep Chulliparambil chairs Cochin Cardiac associates which is widely regarded as the best cardiac surgery team in Cochin, Ernakulam area of Kerala, India. He has performed over 7000 heart operations including high quality coronary bypass surgeries and keyhole valve surgeries.

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