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Aortic Dissection - Are you at risk?

Aortic dissection is the most common calamity of the aorta. If left untreated, the patient will die within first 24 hours. The aorta is a large artery that carries blood out of the heart. In the aortic dissection, the blood has entered in the wall of the artery between the inner and middle layers. It is due to the tearing in the inner layers of the aorta that allows the blood to pass from the main body of the artery into the wall.  Sometimes tiny vessels supply the blood outside the aorta wall and blood hemorrhages occurred. This can also lead to the accumulation of blood inside the layers of the aortic wall.

Aortic dissection also dangerous when channel blood out of the aorta that causes a fatal rupture in the artery. It may be more serious, if the dissection sends blood into the inner space of the heart or lungs.



Symptoms of aortic dissection

The symptoms of aortic dissection are
  • Chest pain
  • Pain in upper back
  • Breathlessness
  • Fainting
  • Sweating
  • Trouble in speaking
  • Dizziness

Causes for aortic dissection

High blood pressure is the main cause of developing aortic dissection as it causes strain on the walls of the arteries. Anything that can weaken the aortic wall will cause a dissection. It can be abnormal growth of body tissues or accidental injuries. Other causes are
  • Smoking
  • Surgical treatment near the heart
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Chest injuries
  • An aorta with faulty valve
  • Use of drug such as cocaine

It is recommended to visit a doctor if a person feel continues chest pain. A doctor can perform several tests to recognize the problem such as electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, CT scan, MRI scan.

Treatment for aortic dissection

Type A dissection generally needs a surgery. But the treatment of type B aorta dissection mostly treated with medication. In surgery, the torn section of the aorta is removed and replaced with a synthetic graft. The surgery is also replaced damaged heart valve.

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